Christian Basics Series

Christian Basics Introduction:

The author of the Christian Basics series Michael Schonborn, came to Christ in 1983 being 16 years old. He has been active within Radio missionary work for the last 20 years. On his travels he has noticed that there is a solid need for simple basic Christian doctrine to help young Christians to build a healthy and strong foundation in the Word of God.

The Christian Basics series is an attempt to address this need.

The materials below are free. Although the author retains the copyright – you are free to distribute, copy, amend and use them free of charge. Please do not charge for those materials other to cover costs for printing and copying.


Christian Basics Course Booklet PDF 0.6MB


Who and what is man?  PDF 2.3MB Powerpoint/Handout

Who is man?  pt.4 PDF Powerpoint/Handout

What is Sin? PDF 0.7MB PDF Powerpoint/Handout


What is Salvation? 0.4MB PDF Powerpoint/Handout


What is Repentance? 0.6MB PDF Powerpoint/Handout


What is Faith?  1MB PDF Powerpoint/Handout


What is Justification? 1.4MB PDF Powerpoint/Handout


What is Sanctification? 0.5MB PDF Powerpoint/Handout


What should we do after we get saved?
Go ye into all the world….. pt.1

Go ye into all the world…


The Endtimes – The return of Christ! PDF Powerpoint/Handout


The Key to Christian everyday living! PDF Powerpoint/Handout


The Gender Issue and the Bible! 0.4MB PDF Powerpoint/handout


Fake Faith – PDF Powerpoint

Fake Faith – PDF Handout


Should we keep the sabbath and when is it?  – PDF Handout


What about your leaders? – PDF Handout


Be ready for Jesus coming back! – PDF Handout

Christian Basics Collection Zip Files (as above in addition to powerpoint files)

Part 1 – 17MB

Part 2 -14MB

Part 3 – 4MB